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About Bart van Liemt

Music Is My Radar


Bart van Liemt is a singer, songwriter, musician and music producer.

He made waves in the Dutch music scene as the front man and main songwriter of The Sheer, an award-winning band that broke through after a defining gig at Pinkpop Festival, which led to heavy radio play, Top-40 chart singles, sold-out concerts, big festival slot as well as sync placements for brands such as Mini, Carlsberg, and EA Sports FIFA.

His second run was with the alternative electronic band Baskerville, which became known for their buzzing live performances which brought them to national and international festivals including Lowlands, Leeds Festival, and Sziget. Their song “Devil’s Town” was featured in the commercial “Seize the Night” introducing Lenovo’s new laptop.

Bade’ was Bart’s first solo project, under which he released the album Miracle Wave, which was recorded in the U.K. with British producer Sam Williams (Supergrass, The Go Team, Noisettes). The album was nominated for Best Alternative Album at the prestigious Edison Music Awards.

Born on the same day, in the same year, only hours apart, JP Hoekstra (Krezip, Danny Vera, Douwe Bob) and Bart are the Astral Twins. Wanting to surprise everyone with a special birthday gift they bundled their love for songwriting and singing. Starting in 2021, they’ve released a brand new song each following birthday and thus a tradition was born. 

Recently Bart premiered ‘Songs That Make Me Go‘. After posting an acoustic live version of Something to Say by the Sheer on his instagram account, Bart was slightly overthrown by all the sweet reactions. This fed an already growing fire to just go out there and play some songs again. Songs That Make Me Go is a platform where Bart will talk freely about his perspective on music culture and perform songs he wrote for his bands, songs he wrote with and for other artists and the songs that hold a special place in his heart. These songs are bundled in a Spotify Playlist that is an ever-growing work in progress.

As an independent songwriter, Bart also works as a co-writer and producer, focusing on fresh collaborations with both up and coming young musicians and well-established artists.

He received a gold status record, has written three NPO Radio 2 topsongs, three 3FM megahit, one Hit van 100%NL, a Veronica Oorkonde, and several Top40 chart singles.


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